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It is perfectly understood that everyone who uses SecureX VPN may have some concerns with regards to privacy policy. In the text below we have tried to sum up every aspect of the provided information when download of SecureX VPN is made as well as installation process is completed.

There are different aspects that require a precise answer, where individuals’ privacy might be affected. This is concerns the use of the website. Applications as well as several other services that are offered by SecureX VPN.

When it comes to download, installation and the actual use of the service, every person will have to be agreed with the terms and conditions of the policies provided, it also has to be read as well as any changes that will be made in the future will have to be accepted at once.

Security terms

When a certain user will start to use the service on encrypts, all the traffic information that will be exchanged between your domain and SecureX VPN servers will use TLS 1.2 along with outstanding level of secrecy (ECDHE) as well as in terms of encryption 128-bit/256-bitAES data will apply, along with HMAC identification for messaging will be provided. Generally, whatever clients will use public wireless service to connect to the internet, including at the airports, restaurants, hotels, train stations etc., it can be definitely said that received signal will be protected by SecureX VPN. While you use the service, there is one hundred percent guaranty that nobody, including internet provider will be able to hack or snoop into the traffic you use as well as the webpages you need to open. Whoever makes an attempt to hack and watch what you are up to will only be able to see that the traffic is going in and out of your device but the details will never be seen.

The service ensures every aspect of physical, administrative and technical safety, so that no sensitive and private information is leaked. Maximum protection in terms of unlawful access, collection, maintenance as well as distribution of your personal information and data is ensured, with respect to accidental loss, unauthorized disclosure, destruction attempts to alteration any type of use and any other attempts of unlawful actions.

Personal Information

What kind of private data is going to be collected?

In relation to the “Privacy Policy” the term “Personal Information shall be regarded as the information and data that belongs to identified or unidentified person. Any personal information regarding yourself will be collected from different sources that are listed in the following information.

Wherever it is necessary, we will provide a notice for you, at what point of time and where you should provide Personal Information and what failing to do so will result. Once notice is issued and you fail to supply Personal Information needed, you may no longer use some of the features that are provided by the service, if such information is compulsory in relation to these features.

There are a couple of personal Information types that will be requested from you:

There is a Personal Information that can be provided on the basis of your choice

And Personal Information, which is collected automatically when the service is activated.

When SecureX VPN service is connected, whatever online activities you intend to be engaged in, every client can be one hundred percent sure that personal information that includes IP address, email address you provided to us, mobile identification etc. will never be associated with your online activities. Moreover, when the service is activated, the IP address that you use will be securely encrypted for the whole length of use of the service and will be deleted from you device afterwards when you no longer use VPN service.

Personal Info. Provide on the basis of your choice

When you decide to subscribe to our service, we always have to collect some information that you may volunteer to share with our services. For instance, when you make first subscription to our service and choose the premium package, we may require to provide us with email address as well as payment details. It always has to be remembered that signing in t the service an opening the account is not an obligation, which means that you are not obliged to register or supply any details with relation to the account in order to make the downloads and actual use of the service.

At the same time, if it is decided to make the payment by debit or credit card, it is the third party services that will obtain your payment details information but not us. Any payments that can be made via the use of Apple Store or Google store as well as PayPal system, any payment details that you are about to provide will be the subject to the terms and conditions of the system where those payment details will be supplied. It will have nothing what so ever to do with our service and will relate to the Privacy Policy of any of the above mentioned organizations.

Perhaps it could be understood without having it mentioned: In the even if you make a contact to our services directly, some additional detail may be collected with your permission. For instance, if customer care department is contacted, you may be asked to provide the content for attachments and messaging you are about to send as well as some additional details may be asked too.

And Personal Information, which is collected automatically when the service is activated.

When you establish connection to SecureX VPN or make its download as well as make access the official website, your information is going to be collected in automatically. It is going to be done by ourselves and our third party partners. Below we will have a closer look at it and provide more details with this regard and particularly Personal Information:

It is when the service is launched before even making the first connection, we are about to collect the information about the device that you use. It includes the network that you use, your language, the identification of the mobile device, version of operating system as well as hardware. We will also need to know your rough location; hence some information about your IP address will also be collected. This is done for the reasons of making in depth analysis, make improvements for our services and to do troubleshooting. Parties that specialize on proving services to us may require such details to be collected for marketing purposes.

When connection to our service is established and when it comes to the stage when IP address details are collected, it immediately becomes encrypted and remained so until the VPN session comes to an end. The IP address that any client uses will be deleted immediately after the session and the use of the service is finished and you are disconnected. After disconnecting from the service we will never keep your IP address in our history or log into the system under the IP number that you used. Your IP address is not regarded to be as part of your online activities by any means.

Whatever application or website is used by any of our clients, it is never attributed with a concrete user. Your activities stay intact and nobody will ever make any attempt of login into it as well as no apps or domains that are used will be associated with your gadget, email and even yourself. Whatever websites are accessed with the use of our services servers are stored to the following: 1. For making analysis, in order to find out whether clients can easily access certain applications and websites. 2. Provided services’ quality has to be improved as well as any problems and troubles will have to be eliminated.

When the service’s websites are accessed:

Together with our partners, it is us and service providers (Maxmind or even Google analytics) could possibly collect your details and information automatically. It is usually obtained by placing beacons, cookies or perhaps by making applications of other similar technologies in browser that clients use or with the emails that are send to you. It could be done for the purposes of preventing frauds, determine the overall number of website users, to make sure the site operate and function in the most efficient way as well as fro opened newsletter and other messages. If any client does not want such information to be collected via use of the cookies, there is a standard procedure in any browser to disallow this information to be collected. Cookies settings could be made so that any particular site would be declined or accepted to use your browser cookies. Please bear in mind that if your browser will decline the use of cookies for our service, some difficulties may be experienced when official website is used. If it is important to find out the procedure of how it is excised, please visit the following websites of authorized organizations:,

When you access the service’s website your IP address may be collected immediately, however it will not be stored anywhere. The address can be used with intention to determine your rough location in a city. More importantly the details that are received will be deleted immediately when you leave the website. The section that is branded “When you use SecureX VPN” will tell you in more details of how IP address is treated when you subscribe to our service and products as well as when you use it.

Additionally when clients access the website of the service, some information with regards to the details of your device might be collected too. The intention of collecting such information are based on the fact that we will require carry out troubleshooting activities, make website improvements as well as our analytical team will have to analyze all collected data. The following aspects may be subject to the data collection: network that you use, your language, the identification of the mobile device, version of operating system as well as hardware.

For the purposes of general service usage, obtaining trends knowledge and information on reports and activities, our website uses the technologies and cookies of Google Tag Manager and the software of Google Analytics. How it is implemented and how it is practiced in reality you can always find on the website Google Analytics browser can also be downloaded and installed at any time you want by visiting the following page:

When you establish connection to our service and products, the information details that will be collected are not going to be associated with usage of such connection.

How the service intends to use Personal Information?

To be precise, whatever personal information we obtain from our clients, it is used for the purposes of improving the quality of our services and offers you wonderful range of products. Below we showcase some examples:

Each of our clients is provided with immediate response from our high quality customer services team, information and instant comments are offered at any time whereas the services require maintenance, outstanding operations enhancement and offering clients with great features.

Every aspect of services provides as well as features and newly developed products must have outstanding functionality whereas correct perception of trends is highly important.

We also practice frequent contact of each of our registered clients in order to keep the quality of our services at the top level. The contact are made purely for administrative purposes and for the purposes of providing client with newly released information with regards to changes in terms and conditions as well as policies in general.

The contact can also be made due to marketing programs enhancement and implementing certain complain attribution.

There are number of other purposes that are associated with our business needs such as preventing frauds, establishing higher levels of security and making audits.

To make sure the legal rights of both parties are followed as well as terms and conditions of service are implemented in the right way.

If you are current resident of geographical and economic Europe, personal Information that you provide to us will be processed purely in accordance with the European legislation, which will include the following;

Personal Information provided is the subject to some legal obligation that I implemented in the following policy terms and conditions:

Whatever it is either for us or any of our third party partners the legitimate background foundation does exist. Especially, when Personal Information is the subject and the foundation of lawful interest to solve some crucial issues that may include the following: our services performance development, acquire new clients and incorporated bodies, conducting and improving safety aspects, business analysis are carried out, general advertising issues have to be solved, making improvements to range of products that we provide to our clients and troubleshooting. When Personal Information is provided it has to be always relied on our third parties partners’ lawful interests and when this legitimate interest does not interfere and breach the interest of individuals who use tour services;

If a client agrees on different terms of Personal information being obtained and processed.

How such information is shared with others?

Clients Personal Information can only be share right in accordance with the terms and conditions policy that relates only to services quality improvements, in case if our business is sold to someone else or merged with other enterprise, or any other aspects that are allowed by the law. As it has been stated before, we never log into your activities and your IP is erased immediately when you are disconnected from our VPN service. Below we provide broader look and far more comprehensive details who we share information with and why it is done:

It is shared with our third party partners who enable services to work and perform well. The bodies, which provide technology and information for this technology, infrastructure network provision, accept and process payments, contribute to customer care, involved in advertising activities, contribute to preventing frauds, analyze information and various data etc.

When the service is launched and you start to use it, we may obtain your IP details information to find out the rough location of our client, whereas the obtained details are erased immediately when a client is disconnected from VPN. When connection to our services is established non bodies whose advertisements you might see will be able to get your Personal Information as well as to see your IP address, however derived location in the city may be visible. If a customer uses premium level services even derived rough location will not be seen and obtained by any third party partner.

The information will be passed to a third party who may be involved in acquisition of our business, participating in merger with our company, creating loin venture, when purchasing certain part of our business obtaining certain amount of stock and assets or becomes an owner of such assets due to bankruptcy.

No general contact information will ever has to be provided if you only would like to download the application as well as to use the company’s products and services, customers’ VPN is never kept in our files and not used to be logged into the system after you disconnect and do not use the service any longer, no records of our customers’ online activities are kept. Consequentially, there is no information about our customers that can be kept in general and that can be provided on law enforcement requests as well as to share with any party when such requests are made.

Despite the above mentioned fact, we still may share the information that we already have if we are obliged to do so by the law or otherwise if there is a genuine belief that such actions will be appropriate: A. To totally comply an act with legal procedures. B. When we will be required to respond on queries and requests from government’s and public authorities including outside of your current residence. C. When the current legislation can be applied including legislation from places outside your current residence. D. When our clients rights, possessions and property will have to be protected well. E. When policy’s terms and conditions will have to be followed. F. When ours service’s operations will require certain protection. G. When our company will need to apply and mountain methods of solving things as well as to prevent any damage that may be caused to us.

If you are subscribed to the use of the Premium package, then no single piece of information will be shared with advertisers

Any information can be shared with third parties in general on condition that a customer is not identified and if it is allowed to do so by current legislation and if such action does not breach the law.

Changes and amendments to the privacy policy

The company has the right to make the changes to the policy’s terms and conditions at any period of time and with any frequency. Every client should and has the right to familiarize himself with the changes that can be made from time to time. The company will take all the appropriate actions to keep its client aware of the changes that are made.

Contact details

If a client has any questions or queries regarding the policy, the contact should be made in writing on the following email address:


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