Terms of Use


By making the use of services as well as by making access of content and products of our company, the user accepts the following terms and conditions (“TOS”) as being a single entity. The terms and conditions TOS regulates and constitute this blinding agreement (“Agreement”) between both parties including the user and SecureX VPN service. If any part of TOS is not regarded as legitimate as well as if the user does not agree with any part of the policy, the service may not be allowed to be used.

The Agreements lasts for the whole time until the user decides to cancel the service and terminate the agreement. Every user is obliged to have a proper internet connection for the purposes of the service to be utilized. If decently working and performing network does not exist and established, then our company is not obliged to provide the services for a subscriber.

When subscribing to SecureX VPN policy, any user declares and confirms that he or she is over 18 years old as well as regarded to be a single entity. By accepting TOS policy, any user also accepts the terms and conditions of the privacy policy too.


The subscribed service increases the level of security and privacy when users connect to publically provided Wi-Fi as well as any other unsecured connections. The potential user can search the global web anonymously as well as his or her IP address will never be detected by anyone.

The service of SecureX VPN is regarded to be as blistering fast service. The client of our service is obliged to maintain confidentiality when account with our company is opened. Any activities that are carried out on user’s account is his or her responsibility.


Any individual who subscribes to the SecureX VPN service will be granted a license to use this service, which issued personally and non-exclusively. The user who becomes the company’s client agrees that the terms and condition of the license used are perfectly understood and that the person is not the owner of the used software. The user understands and agrees that the service can be used only by the subscriber and not regarded to be as sub licensable, transferable to anyone or being shared with any other individual or company. The software is only allowed to be used on the basis of these current terms and conditions, cannot be modified, being reversed in terms of engineering or to be distributed as well as to be used in any form otherwise than stated in the terms and conditions by SecureX VPN.

The cryptography that is used in the program’s algorithms may not be regarded as being legal in some countries. When an individual becomes the company’s client and the user of the service, it is purely up to him or her to make sure that download, installation and the use of the software complies with the law and regulations in the country of the residence. On the basis of this TOS, it is the user who is responsible to make sure that SecureX VPN is not affected by legislation of a country where program’s algorithms may not be regarded as being legal. In this case the user will be responsible for any damages, losses and claims.

The user agrees to use the services only for the purposes of obtaining acceptable privacy level. The user also agrees that the company’s products and services will only be used right in accordance with the applicable law. It is agreed that all activities that will be carried out with the use of the company’s software as well as other software and applications will not be illegal. The activities will not breach the law, the terms and conditions of service, will never be libelous or to serve any malicious intent or purpose. If there will ever be any concerns with regards to legitimate use of the service or any illegal activities will be found and noticed, the user agrees to get in touch with the service provider as well as to contact and notify authorized bodies, which can help to solve the situation.

SecureX VPN is allowed and has the right to employ certain measures if it notices that a user does not follows the TOS, breaches the law as well as the services are misused. In the event if any fraudulent actions are carried out by the user or any other illegal activities are noticed, the service has the right to terminate the license given. The user agrees that developers of the software, its rights holders and the owner as well as the company itself will never be responsible for any misconduct and breach of the law by the user of SecureX VPN service. The user of the product also agrees that the company will never be held responsible for any damages, losses, expenses or any other consequences caused by misuse of the service by the user.


Once subscription is arranged the service is ready to offer no limit on the packages that can be obtained. Any responsibilities for managing subscription setting are depended only on the user. There is a free trial available for the duration of the first three days. If a subscription is arranged and there are some time left from the free trial period, this time will be terminated immediately. The subscription is the subject of being automatically renewed unless the company is notified of canceling the service in advance in at least 24 hours’ time before new payment is about to be made. The subscription is automatically renewed once a week and the payment will be made directly from registered card on iTunes account. Finally, the user is able to manage his subscription by going to setting section on his or her account.


Cookies can be defined as a very small text document, which is developed by a website and can be stored ion the user’s browser. The services that are provided by SecureX VPN use the cookies at all times. By agreeing to the use of the services, a user agrees with the TOS and the use of the cookies in his or her browser right in accordance with terms and conditions of the service’s privacy policy. The cookies in your browser are intended to be used I relations to the technologies, user’s general activities and other aspects that relate to it.

Acceptance during the use

The user consents not to do the following:

  • To make transmission of viruses, unauthorized Trojan programs, keystrokes, spying programs, rootkits, worms, loggers etc.
  • To practice DDoS attacks on other systems and other computers that belongs to other individuals, whilst our service is used.
  • Practicing copyrights files and data sharing.
  • Hacking and installing scanners on other systems and computers.
  • Blackmail and carrying out threats to other parties and individuals whilst using our service.
  • Carry out and illegal and fraudulent activities whilst using the company’s service.
  • Carry out any illegal fishing activities.
  • Hack into some else’s system and interfere with other individual’s privacy.
  • To attack other systems, servers, people’s computers and our service.
  • The use of anyone else’s credit and debit cards.
  • To send any mail that is regarded to be illegal by the law.
  • To terminate or to cancel this service.
  • Download and distribution of child pornography.

The user’s account can be terminated, edited as well as being suspended in the even if the following are committed:

  • If the user violates the use of the current terms and conditions.
  • If the services are used illegally and the actions are not complied with the law.
  • If the services are used in the way or manner that may damage our services and reputation as well as any third parties that are regarded to be our associates.
  • If any of the above mentioned commitments are made, the service provide will take appropriate actions and no refund will be made.

Disclaimer and Warranty

The company provides its customers with the service on the basis that are defined as “As is”. There is no warranty that can be provided, which ensures that the services will be free of viruses, some defects or interruptions. Any user consents to the fact that the service will be used at his or her own risk and the dangers and consequences are perfectly understood. The company does not provide any warranties upon the use of the service by their clients. Any warranty that might be implied is not limited to any acts of, making trades, custom rules, no infringement, being compatible for any particular purpose.

The service, which is provided by our company, may vary from time to time in terms of its speed, level of quality, spread of locations and coverage in general. There will be the maximum effort to ensure that the service is provided at all times. When maintenance or repair works are carried out on our server, the service may not be available temporally. There are could be other reasons of the service may not be available that go far beyond secure VPN control. There is a huge range of factors that may affect this including: third parties failures, weakening signal strength, problems that may be caused by network, transmission or equipment failures. During any interruptions or service failures, the company is not responsible for any damages, failure of delivering messages, delayed data transformation, its misdirection or any other consequences that are resulted by services interruption. In order to ensure protection to our services and other subscribers, SecureX VPN is allowed to terminate, suspend, block various services or some usage of the services by the other clients whose activities are not favored by the company’s policy. From time to time some kind of errors, omissions and variety of delays may take place as well as timeliness of the transferred data cannot be guaranteed at all times.

Liability limitations

If a user of the services is not able and failed to use the VPN tool correctly, SecureX VPN is not regarded as being liable for any damages caused what so ever. The company is regarded as not being liable for any damages; even it has been advised in advance of the possibility of these kinds of damages to occur. This is not the subject of application and implementation if the current legislation states otherwise.

Force Majeure

The company will be exempted from its liabilities and obligations partially or in full in the event if damages occur as a consequence of a major and utterly unavoidable catastrophe, natural disaster, strikes, war, explosion or epidemics etc. In such circumstances the fulfillment of the company’s obligations shall only be to the extend, which is allowed by this agreement.


Any disputes that may arise between or among the participating parties shall be settled by the application and implementation of the law of the Republic of Seychelles.

Contact the service provider

Any contacts that are made with regards to making suggestions, leaving feedbacks, making comments and complaints shall be made with intention to make improvements to the company’s services only.


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